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PrintVom 1. bis 24. Dezember 22 wird auf jeden Tag ein Türchen aufgehen und eine Facette des Zeitgenössischen Tanzes enthüllen. Seid dabei, es gibt viel zu entdecken, mitzumachen und auch eure Meinung ist immer wieder gefragt. Ihr findet die Angebote in/an unterschiedlichen Orten zwischen Landau, Neustadt und Umgebung sowie online. 
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Tanz- Adventskalender
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Auf der Suche nach Netzwerkteams (Tanzprofi + Tanzkomplize); Aufwandspauschale je Team 4000 €

Ausschreibung Netzwerkteams und TanzkomplizenTraining_1

Ausschreibung Netzwerkteams und TanzkomplizenTraining_2

Vergabe von bis zu 15 Stipendien für Choreograf:innen, Kompanien, Kollektive für ein kostenloses Online-Intensiv-Training zu den Themen Tanzvermittlung und nonlineare Zuschauergewinnung.

Ausschreibung Tanzkomplizentraining

Wir freuen uns über die Zusage des Fonds Soziokultur für unser Projekt „Tanzkomplizen Rheinland-Pfalz“, eine Kooperation zwischen kunstbereit e. V., dem Gloria Kulturpalast Landau i. d. Pfalz und der Choreografin Dorothea Eitel. Unser Ziel ist, langfristig nachhaltige Verbindungen zu Regionen, bestehenden Orten und kulturellen Strukturen in Rheinland-Pfalz zu entwickeln. Durch die geplante Tanzkomplizenschaft mit kulturell Interessierten und der Zusammenarbeit mit Institutionen in RLP und Kulturschaffenden aus RLP sowie den angrenzenden Bundesländern, darf der Zeitgenössische Tanz zu einem selbstverständlichen und zur Region gehörenden Kulturangebot werden. Einher geht diese Netzwerkarbeit mit einem gemeinsamen Training für professionelle Tanzschaffende und Tanzinteressierte, das in mehreren Teams neue Vermittlungsstrategien passend zur Region und den Menschen vor Ort entwickelt und praktisch ausprobiert sowie neue Formen der Publikumsansprache und Zuschauergewinnung erforscht.  

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creation doors community: choreographers & dance theater

If you want to dance for yourself, Dorothea provieded you 3 amazing methods with discription and playlist. Follow here.

Organic Creation for Digital Bodies

Online Workshop August 2nd – 6th 2021* & optional conversation August 8th 2021

Scotty Hardwig

In this weeklong workshop, we’ll dive into working with creative software tools to create choreographic and performance works with virtual media. Each session will include an overview of the history and theory of technological dance processes from the 20th to 21st century, as well as practical introductions to basic visual programming skills and online streaming platforms by integrating Isadora and Zoom. Over the course of the week, participants will develop their own creative structures through laboratory-style exploration.

This workshop is intended for:

This workshop will be accessible to introductory-level creators and advanced technologists alike, and open to creative teams of directors, choreographers, technical producers, and experimental mediamakers.

Further information and registration:


online intensive workshop 

theory & practice 

Weekend July 10th/ 11th 2021 

each from 9.00 -15.00 EST II 16.00-22 CEST II 15.00 -21 CET 

(including several short pauses to breath and eat) 


As a lot of the choreographer’s community asked for methods and best practices how to deal with feelings and emotions in performative development, we decided to offer a workshop intensive for you. We will dive together deeply into the big topic of feelings and emotions within a creation in development & reception. We apply scientistic knowledge on our work as creators and investigate the possibilities that results out of it. In addition to provided content and experiments this workshop counts on collegial exchange. There will be frames for conversation and discussions and frames to try out your ideas practically with the group. 


VIRTUAL JAM – play & reflect

Every first Sunday of the month

11.00 EST II 17.00 CET II 18.00 CEST

Enter the playground on zoom

How do we create performance within this current complexity of mediations?

This jam is a two hours session of one hour play and improvisation and one hour exchange, reflection, feedback, questions and a free flow conversation.


kunstbereit e. V. provides with “VIRTUAL JAM play & reflect” a platform 

– for collegial exchange 

– to grow together and inspire each other

– experiments, new formats and dive into yet unexplored aspects of virtual provided art in a safe environment

– where artists come together and improvise, trying out new tools, new ideas, play with visuals, sound, movement, choreography and other elements of chance.


Topic of May 2nd (hosted bei Nava):

In our last session, we got entangled in so many different digital tools! Simultaneity and multiple temporalities. In this upcoming jam, we will play with our 3-dimensionality of our pure physical body, including body sounds and voice.

Being human, having bones, skin and mime, perceptions, feelings, relationship.

⟶ How can we transport this through the virtual world?

⟶ How can we relate from human to human through digital space?

⟶ How can we make our physical strengths and fragility noticeable for recipients?

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April 18th 11.00 -13 EST // 17.00 – 19.00 CET  // 18.00-20.00 CEST 



kunstbereit e. V. received a generous grant from „Kultur.Gemeinschaften“ /Germany for building up an structure for a choreographer’s network.
The base will be an INTERACTIVE HOMEPAGE including a VIRTUAL THEATER for live performances (no stage streaming, no pre-recordings, but live feeling and audience)!

Now we need to fill it with

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May 5th  I  May 19st   I  June 2nd I  June 16th I  June 30th  2021
UTC +0 15.30 -17.30 h

9.30  EST  II 15.30 CET  II  16.30 CEST 

duration: 2 hours


think tank gathering




think tank gathering is an active exchange format to find our way through the digital jungle, learn from each others insights and search outs. We will meet on Zoom to brainstorm, for trials,  experiments and researchers.  

You are welcome as an active participant or as an active co-creator of the event.

for further Information and registration: click here

Organizer is kunstbereit e. V.
The think tank is a first gathering in context of further events like labs, talks and creation opportunities regarding to that topic.

CCC – contemporary choreographer conversation
on zoom 

11.00 EST I 17.00 CET I 18.00 CEST
May 16th I June 20th I July 18th

kunstbereit e. V. offers monthly open conversations and interactive exchange regarding to their concept of a humane choreographer community. It stands for a trustful community of professional choreographers through authentically and reciprocal togetherness. Choreographers shall be supported in their position as human, artist, entrepreneur, self-determined personality and communal being.

⟶ Do you want to connect to choreographers from all over the world?

⟶ Do you like to join art-philosophical conversations?

⟶ Do you like to meet your colleagues as normal humane people?

⟶ Do you like to join artistic research opportunities?

⟶ Do you like to level up your skills as entrepreneur in the freelancing art scene?

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March 2. I 3. I 4. I 5. practical webinar


applied on the topic


You missed it, but you can show interest to get information for upcoming events:


choreographer gathering (ccc)
conversation and exchange on zoom

December 6th/13th/20th 11.00 -12.30 11:00 (UTC-06)
December 6th, the event starts in:   click here

December 13th, the event starts in: click here
December 20th, the event starts in: click here

kunstbereit e. V. offers on 3 Sundays (Dec. 6th/ 13th / 20th) a guided conversation and interactive exchange embedded in the choreographer challenge calendar.
Participation is regardless of the participation of the challenge, all interested artists are welcome to join.
But you still have the possibility to join the choreographer challenge calendar as well. Find further information here:
Facebook Event

humane choreography for genus art stands for a trustful community of professional choreographers through authentically and reciprocal togetherness. Choreographers shall be supported in their position as human, artist, entrepreneur, self-determined personality and communal being.

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No worries.

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CHOREOGRAPHER CHALLENGE — December 1st to 24th

⟶ Would you like to get new ideas for your life as an artist, entrepreneur and human?

⟶ Would you like to reflect on your current situation as choreographer and learn about models to try an alternative path?

⟶ Would you like to get impulses for you as choreographer and trying new tools and experiments?

⟶ Would you like to be part of a community with other choreographers and establishing a place for exchange, dialogue and support?

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