Applied Improvisation & Devising Choreography

What is „Applied Improvisation?“

Tools, principles, techniques, structures and concepts of improvisation are applied to individual, social and general phenomena in order to create a performance that is in the moment for the audience (instant composition)  – something which they can relate to and interpret in the context of their own lives.

The method of Applied Improvisation is also a way for creating fixed pieces. Finally it is all about asking questions, receiving, observing, deciding and expressing.

What is „Devising Choreography“?

Creations developed by „Devising Choreography“ are a self-evolving art and do not arise from „the will“ of the artists, but from „the receiving“ and can therefore be genius.

The connection to our inspiration allows the entrance into other fields of consciousness, the tapping of collective wisdom as well as research methods and explorations, which allow the infusion of synchronicity and coincidence. The choreographer is just one role in a group creating together, who offers a space and situations where the themes, topics, ideas, knowledge and wisdom find a channel through every single person in the group. In circles of „emptiness – chaos – disposition – composition“ it comes to a final outcome from a higher source and is going beyond the personal, largely freed from the artist’s ego.