12 week intensive Workshop
Applied improvisation and development of your performer personality

During the workshop you will get input (which most dance education programs don’t or only inadequately provide), which can play an important role in your career.
Here you can approach improvisation as a distinct stage genre and learn to use improvisation as a method to develop your own language of movement, as well as choreographies and idea pieces.
This will help you during auditions to draw attention to yourself through not only your technical skills, but also through your uniqueness and charismatic energy.
Various scores, exercises and explorations will enable you to acquire an overview of improvisational principles and techniques which you can connect to your own work and personal expression. The workshop introduces principles and concepts as a starting point to help you to develop into a self-confident and convincing artist who is able to perform in a contemporary context. For this development process, you need keen observation and input, time, a protected space to train in and encouragement.
You will learn techniques that can help you easily and independently meet the expectations presented in your everyday professional life – especially in situations where production times are short or you have to work with other artists who are not dancers.
In addition to the dance final, the workshop focuses on the following:



• Intensive work with the parameters of space, time, force, shape, emotion and content
• Basics, skills and tools of improvisation
• Improvisation as development of material movement
• Improvisation as choreography of the moment
• Improvisation as a basis for the development of a performance piece
• Engagement with your own strengths and weaknesses, to be able to apply both
• Authenticity / individuality /development of a character that the audience can relate to
• To be able to find, develop and define your own personal, individual expression in order to unfold your uniqueness
• To link personal perception with the outside view – matching the intention and desired expression
• What defines you as an artist? What defines your art?
• Performative positioning of artistic concern in current affairs
• Vocal training and use of the voice
• Musicality in dance and dealing with music

During the last two weeks, you can develop, dance or guide one or more pieces as a solo artist or in a group. The faculty team is available for coaching, as a counselor or as an ‚outer eye‘. The results will be presented during a four-day period in form of a festival.



The international team of teachers consists of a new generation of artists who have developed their skill sets from the pioneering representatives of the improvisation genre. With a different working and intellectual approach, they offer you a platform to help enable you to remove your shell, to unveil your uniqueness as a performer.
Based on their own approach, they will show you possibilities to confront yourself with your own style and to find your own artistic beliefs.