Requirement for the workshop

a. completed dance education
b. dancing skills at a professional level or equivalent education, which suggests great experience in the area of movement and motion.

The workshop expects a professional level.

Application Checklist

• Questions answered
• profile picture (jpg)
• Introduce myself as an artist, in my own way
• When applying for scholarship : Post letter
• fill the application form

Within a week, you’ll receive feedback if your application was accepted.
The application for the scholarship is possible until 15 Apr 2017.

We ask to not enclose a CV, since we do not believe that your school or teacher tells us something about you as an artist.


What we want is an honest assessment of yourself – we are not looking for the best picture! We want to get an idea of whether the workshop is what you are looking for. For us, we want to see if we can help you transform your weaknesses into strengths and build on your strengths.

Therefore, we ask you to answer the following questions :

• What are your strengths?
• What are your weaknesses?
• What do you think you will learn from the workshop personally and professionally ?

While answering these questions please consider, that it’s not about how much or little you write. You are welcome to write as much as you believe is necessary to bring your point across.

Present yourself to us as a dancer/artist

a. a video link of your work (trailer / short piece / entire performance recording / part of a performance), in which you as a dancer/ artist are well represented or in a piece that you directed, not personally interpreted.
b. choose any free form, to present yourself as an artist to us.