Research, Exploration, Development of motion material

The instructors teach their own form of training that they have built and developed over the years and which is based on different methods known to train body consciousness and combine it with creativity in order to develop an individual body movement language and expression.
The workshop combines guided classes and units, which freely researches the quality of movement and responds to the creativity of movement.
Various techniques, which enable the accurate perception of body relationships and provide the muscle and extensibility for movement of all kinds, are the starting point to furthermore independently explore and deal with these issues, thus building a valuable basis for creation.
Through technique, which focuses on principles and perception, you can have a deep physical understanding and acquire a diverse creative movement and surprise yourself with every new movement. Furthermore, through instructions different layers of a theme will be edited to be able to look at from different perspectives, in intense and accurate detail. After, it will be reunited in all its complexity. This is associated with exploration, such as creativity and the connection to inner images and your inner attitude.


Improvisation, Composition, Creation

The workshop offers exercises and questions to consider different aspects that could be the basis for the decision in the moment of composition and creation. Aesthetic perspectives and compositional strategies are scrutinized and practically tested. Moreover, we use various tools to detect correlations and aesthetic components to then establish, develop and use during improvisation. This is done through questions, observations, feedback and by checking the effect of what comes across and what message you want to send. Also, there will be questions that emerge, which will sift out ones own concerns and their own ability, to find personal ways to express themselves. We work with different methods, based on space, time, power and form, emotion and content to develop motion material and creation processes. Other factors include constellation, interaction, expression, symbolism and musicality.

The workshop will switch between theoretically complex considerations in their different perceptions and interpretations and boundless dance playground to finally combine both in the end.


Unleash your individual performer personality

Here you will find inspiration for your dance and creative development and will be able to exchange your ideas with other artists. For the process of unfolding it takes sharp observers and time, a protected space and encouragement. Its a risk free environment, so you are free to try anything. Open mindedness, feedback and confirmation of your colleagues will help you realize and develop your performer personality. To strengthen your effectiveness as a performer, we deal with different issues, theories and principles, to match your own answers with the answers and suggestions of others in the group so you will be able to position yourself.


Positioning yourself as an artist personality in the context of time

The workshop aims to help you establish your independent artistic thinking. Different skills and tools will help you to assert yourself as a confident, individual artistic personality in the context of time. You will receive practical and theoretical research approaches, to subsequently formulate self -related issues and research projects, to develop yourself as an improvisational dancer, performer or choreographer. This knowledge can be also very useful to you, if you submit applications for funding. The freedom to be able to develop your own style, makes you a confident artist .