xo:body  art . context . communication in cooperation with the association kunstbereit e. V. and generously supported by MWSP-project management Mannheim


xo:body  art . context . communication

The concerns of xo:body is the stringent artistic development of ideas, concepts and trends regardless of cultural political trends. Rebellious and headstrong xo:body pursues ways that find no room and no encouragement elsewhere and sets a clear countertrend to the development which is controlled by the masses and instances in order to follow a parallel path on which art will be given its freedom and the artist is met with trust. 
xo:body stands for an artistic evolution and revolution, for space and time, engaging in the next-funded art service and to let oneself be involved with fragile experiments.
Especially the “not definite” we consider valuable, important and worthy of support.
Encouragement and support are vital, to not let not yet departed paths be trampled on, to explore impasses and to go wrong ways, to discover new land, which goes beyond the broad road of willed and ordered art and occurs independently of politically decisiveness and embossed direction.
After all, a political course should not decide how art further paves its way. The following two strands should be brought together:
1.Deep, resolute and meaningfully logical unfolding of the own artistic work and
2.Targeted association with carefully observed individual, social and versal phenomena.
Art can be implemented so beyond style, means, form and free of apparent innovation, promptly into society. To interact with the audience at the same eye level and to actively exchange opinions and ideas is as important as art development itself.


About kunstbereit e. V.

The non-profit organization kunstbereit e. V. was established in 2011 and represents commitment to free culture through political and socio-critical focus. The association works together with different cities and communities at home and abroad. It supports independent artists, ensembles and companies by realizing their projects through grants and scholarships.

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