Concerns of teachers

An international team of teachers with different work and intellectual approaches from different branches of art will provide you with a platform, to accompany and help you while you come out of your shell and show your uniqueness as a performer. Our international faculty is a new generation of artists who have learned from the pioneering representatives of the improvisation genre and developed their own current style.
However, it is not about identifying with the respective artistic styles or even copying them, but further starting a structural and practical discussion as a discourse that calls for conscious artistic , intellectual and aesthetic decisions. Looking at your piece from another perspective, they will use their own points and principles to help you develop your own style and shape.



Dagny Borsdorf
works as a freelance artist, dancer and choreographer.

img_7776Since 2007 she researched various ´On stages`: she works in public and private theatres as well as in outdoor productions, either high up in the air, in front of big buildings or at other site specific locations. As different as the stages are, as various are the movement and role tasks she throws herself in. With each production she tries to put something new in her professional Treasure Chest. She also wants to share her experiences as a dancer an performer as well as a choreographer and choreographic assistance with other people: An important tool for her work is, of course her knowledge about, experience with and wisdom of her body and soul in order to switch immediately from one state to another and create intense moments in space and time.
Inspired by improvisational practice and structures which she learned from Lilo Stahl (TIP Freiburg / DE), Adam Benjamin (University of Plymouth/ UK), Maya Caroll (The Instrument Teaching, Berlin/ DE), Edivaldo Ernesto (David Zambrano; Sasha Waltz, Berlin/ DE), Ruth Zapora (Action Theatre, Santa Fe / MEX) and Sten Rudstrøm (Action Theatre, Berlin/ DE) she uses body work, interactional dynamics of a group and movement exploration in detail to raise inner state and outer expression. Either through fixed movement patterns or totally free movements she wants to influence the inner movement of the perfomer or the performing group so they can reach out for and touch the audience. In the Workshop she will work with you as a group to get in touch with this. Besides that she will work with you individually to create new possibilities for expression or improve your style.


Etoile Chaville

almaDuring this workshop, Etoile will invite students to explore and perceive body, voice and language as the ropes of the one and same instrument. She will teach students how to give a creative form to the wide spectrum of feeling they have within themselves. Helping them to use judgements, doubts, fears, or unpleasant sensation – which usually block the creative process – as a powerful resource to access creativity and produce material which is authentic and impact their audience. This practice will also help the students to benefit from the cathartic effect of embodying movement, sound, and speech into present expression.
During this workshop, Etoile will bring a special emphasis on language exploration, giving students with a movement background the chance to build both the trust and the skills necessary to speak in front of an audience and to develop imaginatives narratives whether in form or in content. Playing with the interaction between movement, language, space and timing, students will have the opportunity to discover new choreographic possibilities in which language is an integral part of a visual and physical experience.
Etoile’s teaching skills come from a wide range of method and experiences which she synthesizes and uses in a targeted way. Graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School, she is also a certified teacher in yoga and Action Theater – a body based physical theater improvisation training – which she studied with Sten Rudstrom and Ruth Zaporah the founder of the method.
Over the last few years, she has worked with a number of dance and theater companies, all of them using improvisation as part either of their creative or performative process  a.o. Karine Saporta, Heike Hennig & Co,  The Opera Group, Mica Moca or Caroline Duval. She is also regularly performing improvisational work and developping her own choreographic research. She has taught improvisation workshops using voice and movement a.o. at Tanzfabrik Berlin, Studio K77, Ada Studio, Dock 11, at Collectif L’impulsion and for the Company Une petite voix m’a dit in France.
Etoile teaches with warmth, commitment and humor, while keeping a sharp eye on details and preciseness. She will encourage you to expand your limits and open up while fully respecting your own individuality and  personal rhythm.



Dorothea Eitel
Choreographer, Performer, Curator


As a qualified rhythmist and graduate from Lilo Stahl and Bernd Ka (TIP) her focus lies on improvisational dialogue between music and movement and interdisciplinary transformation.
Due to her being a trained integrative voice trainer®, voice training, as in dealing with ones voice, will also be a topic in her workshop.
With her, in 2009 established company urbanReflects, she developed improvisation and choreography in the context of current events, deals with participation and reception, and implementation of dance to non-theater locations and in public spaces.
In the group, Kollektiv wirhabendasnichtgewolltProduktion she oscillates between dance studio and city, between mental game and movement improvisation and between virtual and real world.
During the workshop Dorothea will teach proven improvisation skills especially structure, concept and design and will ask a lot of questions, which will sharpen ones own artistic profile. As a project designer, she mainly is responsible for the „Test Lab Turley and Turley Thursday“ (Mannheim 2013), a glass rehearsal and performance space, which is a meeting place for exchange and a think tank with the main question being the value of art. She also curated the project HAUSBESUCH (HOUSE VISIT) together with Volker Hartmann-Langenfelder, which has brought free performing arts into three rural communities in Baden-Württemberg for one year.
She is the founder of „instant echo days“, the international multi-discipline Festival of Applied Improvisation in Mannheim, in which the manual prepared by the workshop participants improvisations will also be on display.


Jo Koppe
is a dancer, performance maker and creator of spaces.

jo-koppe1He learned to trust the poetry and danger of the moment during his education in dance, improvisation and performance at TIP in Freiburg with Lilo Stahl and Bernd Ka. He has since created solo works (e.g. „undland“ 2013, „Birth of a Tender Beast“ 2015, „Strip Down to Everything“ 2015) and has worked with Keith Hennessy/Circo Zero, Louisa Jacobs/Company Offspace, Mårten Spångberg, Lea Martini, Sabine Noll, Aurora Kellermann, Ahmed Abdelali and others. His own work often blurs the lines between artistic and social experiments and is characterized by a deep commitment to an oscillation between vulnerability and strength.
Jo sees artistic practices, physical practices and social practices as deeply intertwined and he is interested in creating spaces for out-of-the-ordinary encounters and experiences. He learned a lot from his queer ancestors and contemporaries, from feisty witches, lovely believers, strange poets, radical daddies, dark sci-fi-queens, passionate deconstruction workers and relentless community builders.
His teaching is highly inspired by various experiences with different innovative formats of collective research and/or performance-making, most noteably by being a guest artist in Keith Hennessy’s collective craziness „Turbulence“; the C.R.E.A.P.S. Residency at Ponderosa Tanzland (with Jesse Hewitt, Larry Arrington, Zinzi Buchanan, Sheena McGrandles and others); the research lab „Aftercare“ curated by Ruairí Donovan and Hana Lee Erdman; and formats created and shared with his fellow DanceWebbers during his DanceWeb scholarship at Impulstanz-Festival in Vienna in 2015.
In this workshop we will look at the ways we operate, the ways we create, practice, learn, teach, and share. We look at how we use our ability to make choices within or beyond a given situation. We examine the implicit and explicit rules, values, assumptions that spark and canalize our actions. We create scores and frameworks to explore our interests. We will give ourselves new, futile, exciting, indispensable, questionable, boring and far-fetched tasks, in order to study the different layers of interest, meaning and motivation that we may find within them. We will do dances and non-dances. We will share practices and rituals. We will co-create collective and individual spaces. We will talk and write and dream. We will explore the spaces beyond. We will do our very best to take a very close look at what the fuck it is that we are doing. And once we opened all the drawers and scattered all our tools and playthings, we will clap our hands, spin around and go back to dancing.


Jan F. Kurth 
is a singer, improv musician and composer.

kopf1He grew up in Cologne and studied Jazz Voice with Céline Rudolph and recorder with Uta Schmidt in Dresden, followed by a course in film music composition with Cornelius Schwehr in Freiburg. 2005/2006 he was a project fellow at Fabrica Musica (Treviso/Italy), 2008 at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart. In 2016 he is a fellow of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg.
His work focusses on the possibilities of the voice with and without words, in instruvocal singing and the connection of music, language, image and motion. As a singer and improv musician, her works regularly with several groups, such as Mahaphon Clang, Munka Klankollektiv, shortfilmlivemusic, the Human Factory Band and in his duo with Ephraim Wegner.
As a composer, he searches for the interaction between music and other art forms. He develops music for theatre pieces, films and dance. His concerts and workshops led him through Europe, to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mexico and Taiwan. He lives and works in Freiburg.
In the workshop, he will introduce musical principles of improvisation and  translate them into dance together with the participants, connected to the question if musical parameters and their equivalences in dance. We will actively listen to music and play music. Moreover, Jan F. Kurth offers voice training.



Rakesh Sukesh

99090d_df6c255634e340358e771c96ebbe3111mv2_d_1800_1200_s_2Rakesh started his career as a Bollywood dancer with a dance company in Kerala/India. During this period he worked in several films as a dancer and assistant choreographer. In 2003 he joined Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, a contemporary dance company in Bangalore. As a part of the company, Rakesh performed at various national and international venues. He was part of three major productions under the direction of Jayachandran Palazy (Artistic Director and Choreographer of Attakkalari). During his time with the company he was exposed to intensive training of the ancient Indian martial art form Kalaripayattu.
Since 2009 Rakesh has been working as an independent artist. Between July and August 2009, he participated in the Apprenticeship Program with Magpie Umbrella Organization under the Direction of Katie Duck (Artistic Director, teacher and performer) in Amsterdam. Ever since, he has been invited several times to perform with Magpie.
In the past years Rakesh has been working on developing a contemporary movement method called Payatt INtransit – using Kalarippayattu and contemporary movement techniques, yoga and energy work. He has been invited to teach Payatt INtransit at various festivals and for companies such as Sidi Larbi’s company, Ultima Vez, Impuls Tanz at the summer festival/summer schools of Deltebre Danza Spain, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Colombo Dance Factory Zurich, Dancentrumjette Brussels, University of Costa Rica, Bremen Theater (Samir Akika), SEAD in Salzburg and so on.
He also works as freelance performer/ choreographer, collaborating with various artists and doing solo works & improvisations.
He currently lives in Zurich Switzerland, dividing his time between Europe and Asia.



As well as further guest lecturers